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Finding the best shoes for bunions can be an elusive task. The deformity makes it difficult for shoe styles to fit properly. Many people believe that the cause of bunions is due to incorrect footwear.

This belief has been disproven. In remote parts of the world where people don’t wear shoes at all, bunions are also evident. Many individuals in the population of these cultures exhibit severe bunions and other associated deformities. In the majority of cases, the main cause of bunions is a hereditary foot type that is prone to develop the condition.

Bunions develop when the pressures of bearing and shifting your weight is distributed unevenly on the joints and tendons in your feet. This imbalance in pressure makes your big toe joint unstable. Eventually the parts of the joint molds into a hard knob that juts out beyond the normal shape of the foot.

Therefore, if there is a tendency for a bunion, wearing shoes with an improper fit will cause the formation and progression of the condition to a more severe state. Footwear is only a factor in the onset of bunions but not the cause.

Bunion Progression Scale

Severe bunions often require surgery to correct the tendons, ligaments and joints. Sometimes after surgery the big toe deviates back to its misaligned position causing the bunion to reoccur. Proper footwear and orthotics can increase the chance of surgical success. Nonsurgical treatments such as rest and wearing loose (wider) shoes or sandals can curb the onset of bunions and relieve pain. Bunions often become painful from rubbing against shoes.

The best shoes for bunions allows feet to be in a natural setting by conforming to the shape of the foot. An improper shoe fit constitutes shoes that force the bones in your feet into misalignment and uneven weight bearing on your joints and tendons. Most shoes are dictated by fashion and therefore made with a toe box that doesn’t accommodate our toes properly.

Best shoes for bunions

  • Pointed shoes
  • Too-tight
  • Too-narrow
  • High heels
  • Unstable
  • Adequate toe room
  • Proper shoe box width
  • Low heels
  • Stability

Excess pronation and bunions

A bunion gradually develops over many years and is likely to develop when the foot’s normal balance becomes upset. When walking with excess pronation, it creates instability and puts extra strain on the big toe joint. Orthotics can redistribute the weight evenly over the foot to prevent or reduce the gradual growth of a bunion. They are a good conservative treatment and successful in reducing the symptoms of painful bunions.

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Women's best shoes for bunions

Teva Women’s Tirra Athletic Sandal


Teva Women's Tirra Athletic Sandal
Sandals are considered some of the best shoes for bunions. Not just any sandals though. The Teva Tirra Athletic Sandal is designed specifically for a woman’s foot. These have good stability, support and unrestricted toe space. Adjusting the straps to relieve pressure on the joints makes this sandal very effective for bunions.

Using the straps you can achieve a comfortable secure fit that won’t aggravate your bunions. For people with hard to fit feet, these sandals will be a good choice. They can easily be worn the whole day without causing discomfort. With the sandals you will experience relief from pain and irritation caused by bunions.

The sandals are not only great for bunions but for many other foot problems as well. These include plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, hammertoes, and more. Overall a very comfortable sandal whether you have narrow, wide or normal width feet.

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The Teva Tirra

Confortina Women’s Slip-On


Confortina Women's Slip-On
The Confortina Slip-On is made with a stretchable nylon mesh upper. The stretchability of the mesh allows for a relaxed fit, no squishing the toes in these. They have a comfortable fit for feet with bunions, overlapping toes, hammertoes, corns, and swelling.

On the inside you will find a comfortable cotton sockliner. The polyurethane insole and outsole provide cushioning and shock absorption. The slip-ons are lightweight and durable. Being machine washable makes them easy to care for. Although they look warm they are actually quite cool. The Confortina Slip-on provides a versatile fit, hence a good choice for hard to fit feet.

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Confortina Slip Ons at FootSmart

Dr Zen Lori Women’s Extra Depth Shoe


Dr Zen Lori Women's Extra Depth Shoe
The Dr Zen Lori is designed with a triple width system. There are three removable inserts within each shoe. They give you the ability to adjust the interior width. With every insole that you remove, the shoe becomes 1 width wider. This gives the shoe a versatile fit, something you will appreciate when one foot is shaped different from the other.

The Dr Zen Lori is designed to support bunions, diabetes, hammertoes and other deformities. With the extra depth in this therapeutic shoe it easily accommodates custom orthotics. A reinforced toe box helps to prevent injury to the sensitive toe area. The shoe’s design features promotes healthy walking strides. A rocker bottom and rigid shank is employed to correct the walking gait and distribute weight effectively across the foot. The shoe can be comfortably worn all day. It offers support, stability and a good amount of toe room.


ASICS Women’s Gel Tech Neo 4 Walking Shoe


ASICS Women's Gel Tech Neo 4 Walking Shoe
This ASICS Gel Tech Neo 4 walking shoe is equipped with several performance and comfort enhancing features. Aside from the features that improve it as a walking shoe, this model is also designed with bunions in mind.

There are strategically placed stretchable material to relieve potential irritation. Hence the shoe provides a custom fit. It has a more spacious toe box than other ASICS shoes that will ease pressure and pain. The shoe is lightweight, supportive and has very good stability. Custom orthotics can be also be used with this shoe. The ASICS Gel Tech Neo 4 has received the APMA seal of approval.


Vionic Women’s Tide II Toe Post Sandal


Vionic Women's Tide II Toe Post Sandal
The Tide II Post Sandal by Vionic is engineered specifically to eliminate overpronation. This condition of the foot rolling inwards is responsible not only for the formation of bunions but frequently leads to plantar fasciitis as well. The Vionic Tide II sandal distributes bodyweight evenly over the foot to help prevent the growth of bunions. It has a built-in orthotic footbed.

The footbed has a high-rising arch support and a deep heel cup that provides great stability. It is a very comfortable sandal, a favorite among many women. However it takes some time to get used to the level of arch support this sandal has to offer. It is best to wear the sandal for only a few hours a day until your feet become accustomed to them.

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Vionic Tide II - Most Comfortable Women's Flip-Flop Sandals

Men's best shoes for bunions

Crocs Unisex Relief Clog


Crocs Unisex Relief Clog
The Crocs Relief is constructed of Croslite. It is an extraordinary impact absorbing resin material. Croslite is very lightweight and developed for maximum cushioning. It allows for a custom fit that conforms to your foot.

The Crocs Relief is designed to alleviate painful conditions such as bunions and other foot irregularities. The toe box is very soft. The spacious forefoot ensures a comfortable fit with no pressure points. This helps to reduce the discomfort from bunions. The shoe distributes weight evenly, thereby alleviating harmful pressure on joints.


Teva Men’s Tanza Sandal


Teva Men's Tanza Sandal
With the open toe area the Teva Tanza accomodates bunions very well. The sandal ensures a universal fit. Three Velcro straps make it possible for a comfortable adjustment. The strapping system holds the foot securely while allowing for a healthy fit.

The sandal has a nylon shank for stability. Good arch support is integrated on the footbed. The heel has a Shoc Pad that absorbs impact. Excellent grip comes from a durable pattern rubber outsole. This sandal is effective in relieving pain from irritable bunions. It can be worn all day with great comfort. For difficult to fit feet, the Teva Tanza is a smart choice.


Apis Mt. Emey 9701-3 Men’s Extra Depth Shoe


Apis Mt. Emey 9701-3 Men's Extra Depth Shoe
The Apis Mt. Emey 9701-3 is a high quality, genuine leather shoe. It is lined with mesh for added comfort. The outsole is made from from high density EVA. This dense foam acts as an excellent and durable shock absorber. This therapeutic shoe is extremely lightweight, supportive and comfortable.

It has extra depth with 2 layers of removable inserts for flexible fitting. The shoe allows for custom orthotics, ankle foot brace and internal modifications. The Apis Emey Mt 9701-3 is available in several widths ( medium wide D-2E, X-wide 4E, XX-wide 6E). It is designed to accomodate moderate bunions, hammer toes and other deformities.



Did you know?

The average person will walk around 115,000 miles in a life time, that’s more than four times around the earth! To conclude, you have have found the best shoes for bunions. Give your feet what they deserve, the best.